We’re pretty much assured of not getting much snow this winter as I just bought a snow blower (electric). You’re welcome. (Also, backyard cam spotted a fox(!) last night.)

Um, Amazon’s algorithm needs some tweaking.

I don’t have any allegiance or interest in the football team, but Coach Niumatalolo is a class act, and it’s disappointing he was fired.


Interesting to see people flock to micro.blog and Mastodon given what’s happening on that other site. Fascinating. Need to find more accounts to follow on both to improve my feeds…

Based on my experiences this week, when on an airplane (or anywhere with lots of people in confined spaces/close quarter), please don’t be an inconsiderate jerk and have a conversation on speakerphone.

If you sell a dried cranberry trail mix product, I believe it is illegal to also sneak in raisins. Nobody wants that.

And this is when I decided that maybe my Hue light system is something I should look at just phasing out for more device agnostic options.

Interesting article. www.nytimes.com/2022/07/1…

Today’s fun power issues are brownouts instead of the full on blackouts. Which is actually worse because it reaches certain voltages and then things die randomly.

The greatest trick the devil ever played was getting companies to think styrofoam is great as a packing material. Little ******* balls of foam everywhere…

Happy 25th of June! Which is apparently celebrated with loud fireworks or gunfire? (My dogs are not happy.)

Hottest day of the year so far, with warnings and air quality alerts and sorts of stuff. And the power just went out. It’s going to be a hot, muggy night.

“ASAP” is not an acceptable due date when a specific due date is requested.

I didn’t get to watch the WWDC keynote today. Probably will watch later this week. Too many things going on, but the Lock Screen enhancements sound like a step in the right direction. That’s about all I had time to read about today.

Why isn’t New Years on one of the soltices or even equinoxes? Seems like such an obvious choice.

How did this extended weekend go by so fast? I had over an extra day, and it seems like this weekend was shorter.

Black hole!


Damn. 80-1 long shot. Incredible. Would have been better if I had placed a bet.

I can’t be the only one who obsesses over todo apps or note taking systems. I spend more time trying out and configuring todo apps and note taking systems than I do actual productive things (at least in my personal life - work doesn’t give me any latitude in the tools I can use).

I napped the heck out of this morning. Great feeling of accomplishment for a day off. 10/10 Would recommend.

Using this as a supplement to the “full” blog, to kind of replace twitter and the like. Right now, pulling the posts from the full blog to here, but I really haven’t thought through how I want this arrangement to function. But end goal is to spend less/no time on Twitter, though I’ll try and set up cross posting for a while at least.